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Custom Roofing

Arrowhead Roofing and Sheet Metal have added two (2) Roll Forming Machines to accommodate the pitch of your roof. With Standing Seam Roof Panels, we can complete a roofing project to perfect specifications.

  • Mechanically Seamed Roof Panel ~ for shallow sloped roofs for a 312 pitch and under.
  • Snap-Lock Panel ~ for a 312 pitched and above roofs.

We have added our Seamless Gutter Machine to provide a perfect looking gutter. With four generations of sheet metal and roofing, we have truly perfected our trade and will provide a finished project to your exact specifications. You might say it is in our DNA.

Why Use Metal Roofing?

  • A properly installed metal will survive wind that will devastate asphalt or fiberglass shingles
  • A properly installed standing seam metal roof will last a lifetime and will be totally maintenance free
  • It will be the last roof you will ever need to install
  • Metal roofs are lightweight approximately 100 pounds per square compared to 225 to 350 pounds per square
  • Properly installed metal roof shed snow and ice, and will not absorb or be damaged by water
  • Metal roofs are non-combustible
  • Reflective coatings on metal roofing will not absorb as much heat from the sun as asphalt or fiberglass shingles
  • keeping your house cooler in the summer

Advantages of Metal Roofing:


Metal roofing can be applied over existing shingles eliminating removal and disposal cost and helping to eliminate another toxic
petroleum-based products from entering landfills.


Shingles are often replaced every 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, a properly installed 24 gauge standing seam metal roof will
last a lifetime maintenance free and worry free.


Help keep your home cooler in the summer.


If you have been considering upgrading your home and increasing its resale value, you should know that beautiful and enduring metal roofing is highly valued as one of the top renovation-friendly building materials for rehabbers and new home builders alike.

As reported by Sal Alfano of Remodeling Magazine, homes renovated with standing -- Seam metal roofing show a rate of 85.9% cost recouped in the national average with up to 95.5% for homes in the Eastern states, a full 1 and 6% resale value gain over homes
roofed with asphalt, and with all the added safety and longevity associated with quality metal roofing matching installation job costs
that reach only one half of that of cosmetic room remodeling averages or even one-eighth of that of a master suite addition, you
hardly deny the sense in upgrading.

Call Arrowhead Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. today at 218-263-1546 or 218-969-9443 and ask about our 5-year weather tight warranty.

2022 24 Gauge Steel - Metal Roof - Cabin @ Lake Vermillion MN
2022 24 Guage Steel - Metal Roof - Cabin @ Lake Vermillion MN
2022 24 Guage Steel - Metal Roof - Cabin @ Lake Vermillion MN
2021 Metal Roofing - Lake Vermillion
A Side Vew Of New Metal Roofing
A View From Overhead of New Roof
View From The Front of Roofing Completed
Metal Roofing With Wood Siding

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